Can your dressing style change your life?

Can your dressing style change your life?

Have you ever thought about the time do you spend to style yourself and decide your dress? Some spend much time styling themselves, whereas others do it simply to make them presentable. But it is always good to put some time and effort to make yourself fashionable and stylish. We at dé MARCO Fashions, a leading store selling good quality clothing in Krabi, will try to understand few facts on styling. If you are visiting Thailand and get a chance to visit the beautiful island, Krabi, do not miss visiting us as we are the best tailor in Ao Nang. Though there are many other tailors in Krabi, we offer you the best of the apparel and clothing in Krabi.

Before we get into some tips to dress better, let us try to understand the importance of dressing correctly every day, irrespective of the occasion.

It tells a lot about you

Yes, you read that right. The way you dress tells a lot about you. It non-verbally communicates to the person in front of you about your personality. Your dressing styles says a lot about your ideology, manners, and the kind of person you are. Have you wondered why military personals always dress well? It is because dressing well gives express their mental and physical state. Let us say that there are two people in front of you. A person whose clothes are not ironed, not properly tucked, and probably loose fitting.

On the other hand, the second person is wearing a well-ironed and perfect fitting dress. Now, imagine both of them in front of you. Whom will you approach if you have a problem? The second one. Right? That’s because of the way the second person has expressed non-verbally that he or she has a good mindset.

Tips for dressing properly

  • Fabric – Don’t go for the most expensive fabric in the market. Yes, the price of the fabric doesn’t add any points to your dressing style. Instead, go for a fabric with which you are comfortable. Of course, make sure that the fabric you choose is pure, and of a high-quality.
  • Colour – Without colours, the world would not have been so interesting. The same thing goes for dressing. We would recommend you to keep a check on the colour combination of your dress. For example, a white shirt would not look good with a green lower. Instead, it will look good with a black or blue lower. Therefore, colour combination is an essential factor for the correct dressing style.
  • Fitting and cleanliness – Make sure that the dress you are wearing is neither too loose nor too tight. It just should be the perfect fit and should be comfortable to wear. Also, make sure that your dress is well-ironed and clean. This factor adds the most points toward a correct dressing.
  • Accessories – While dressing, try to use some accessories that make you look good. A belt, a tie or a scarf can add much charm to your dressing style.

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